Sling Fabrics

HighStar Healthcare offers several different sling fabrics to meet all your client needs. Please note that not all sling models are offered in every fabric as standard, but it is something that can be customized for your user.


  • A breathable knitted polyester fabric
  • Fabric allows for multidirectional stretch, which helps to distribute pressure and mould to the user
  • Water permeable and an excellent option for bathing


  • A close-knit polyester fabric
  • Not water permeable, therefore not ideal for bathing
  • Ideal for users who don’t have skin integrity issues


  • Mesh or woven body with quilted woven leg portions
  • Decreases bunching of material under legs
  • Increased comfort


  • Open-weave nylon fabric on main body, woven material on inside leg portions
  • Water permeable
  • Not comfortable on bare skin