Universal Sling and Toileting

In most care settings, maintaining continence and minimizing incontinence is an important part of managing clients’ elimination needs. Toileting routines are an important part of meeting these needs, especially for those who require minimal to full assistance with the toileting activity.

There are many benefits to maintaining a toileting routine with clients. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining continence
  • Comfort
  • Dignity
  • Reducing the incidence of constipation
  • Reducing the incidence of UTI’s
  • Reducing the incidence of falls
  • Reducing the effects of incontinence on skin and skin related issues

As a client’s ability to mobilize decreases and assistance with care needs increases, toileting may become more challenging with timelines and the way that the activity occurs. If a client now requires a lift and sling to accomplish this, toileting can still be a part of the activities of daily living with use of a universal sling. A universal sling may be used if the client requires optimal support during the transfer, if they do not meet the criteria to use a hygiene (toileting) sling, or a hygiene sling is not available for use. Clients must meet the criteria for using a universal sling: no amputations above the knee, medically able to sit and/or use the universal sling and no individual contraindications identified.

If it is determined through an interdisciplinary assessment that toileting is no longer effective for the client (e.g. complete incontinence), consideration may be directed toward implementing a changing routine instead of a toileting routine.

The following are considerations and guidelines to help in the facilitation of toileting with a universal sling and lift:

Considerations for Using a Universal Sling for Toileting

If a client is now requiring the use of a universal sling for toileting, it is optimal to set up the client and caregivers for success with this task, which may in turn spare the client discomfort and anxiety relating to their elimination needs.


Guidelines for Toileting with a Universal Sling

** Always inform client of what is going to happen during each step. Ask them to assist with the process as able. **