Sling Fabrics

HighStar Healthcare offers several different sling fabrics to meet all your client needs. Please note that not all sling models are offered in every fabric as standard, but it is something that can be customized for your user. Spacer A breathable knitted polyester fabric Fabric allows for multidirectional stretch, which helps to distribute pressure and […]

Safe Working Load (SWL) Chart

Model Material Size SWL Hammock, Universal Woven, Quilted, Mesh Ch/Jr 450 lbs. S/M/L 650 lbs. XL/XXL 1000 lbs. Spacer Ch/Jr 450 lbs. S/M/L 650 lbs. XL/XXL 800 lbs. Deluxe Hammock, Deluxe Recline Spacer Ch/Jr 450 lbs. S/M/L 650 lbs. XL/XXL 800 lbs. Hygiene Woven Ch/Jr 450 lbs. S/M/L 650 lbs. XL/XXL 1000 lbs. Positioning Spacer, […]

Sling Removal

HighStar Healthcare has designed and manufactured slings of various styles in a range of sizes and materials to meet client needs. Our slings provide options for transfers for seated or lying positions, as well as bed repositioning. An individualized client assessment is required to ensure that the most appropriate sling is chosen to meet the […]

Universal Sling and Toileting

In most care settings, maintaining continence and minimizing incontinence is an important part of managing clients’ elimination needs. Toileting routines are an important part of meeting these needs, especially for those who require minimal to full assistance with the toileting activity. There are many benefits to maintaining a toileting routine with clients. They include, but […]

Sling Safety Inspection

The use of slings with ceiling, floor or sit to stand lifts, as well as sling care, can influence the overall condition of the sling over time. The lifespan of a sling can be impacted by different factors. These factors include, but are not limited to: frequency of washing, washing temperature, detergents, disinfectants, frequency of […]