Sling Removal

HighStar Healthcare has designed and manufactured slings of various styles in a range of sizes and materials to meet client needs. Our slings provide options for transfers for seated or lying positions, as well as bed repositioning. An individualized client assessment is required to ensure that the most appropriate sling is chosen to meet the goals of care, functional requirements, and optimizing comfort.

HighStar Healthcare recommends that slings be removed from behind the client whenever possible following the completion of a lift transfer. We regard sling removal as a best practice standard.

HighStar recognizes that for some clients, due to their individualized circumstances, it may be safer and/or functional to leave slings behind clients. For all such cases, each client should be thoroughly assessed by a qualified healthcare professional to determine the needs of the client, consider the activity and goals of care, as well as the clinical merit of leaving the sling behind the client. With these circumstances being prevalent in many health care settings, HighStar Healthcare has sling options, along with recommended materials, available to accommodate an in situ – or remaining in place – sling requirement.

If a client must have the sling left behind them following the transfer, HighStar Healthcare recommends the following supportive interventions:

Document – the rationale and assessment should be documented; this may include other alternatives attempted to avoid leaving the sling behind the client.

Select Appropriate Sling/Material – a sling may be selected to minimize seams or pressure points under the client; materials are available that are best suited for in-situ sling use.

Monitor Skin – check for redness; the sling should not be the cause or contributor to risk for skin and pressure injuries.

Adjust Sling Position – when slings are left behind clients, there is risk of the sling not remaining in proper placement for the next lift transfer. The position of the sling must be checked and properly positioned prior to every lift.

For questions, concerns or to discuss sling options, please consult with a HighStar Healthcare authorized dealer.