Independent Clinical Resources

These organizations are mentioned as a means of providing a potentially useful resource. For more information about their services, please contact these organizations directly. Please note that mention of these organizations does not represent a recommendation or endorsement by HighStar Healthcare.

Evidence-Based Practices For Safe Patient Handling And Movement (Article)

This is an article supporting safe patient handling programs and discusses evidence-based interventions for reducing caregiver injuries.

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Safe Patient Handling and Movement: A Practical Guide for Health Care Professionals (Book)

This book is aimed at supporting safe patient handling programs and offers evidence-based guidelines for client assessment, care plans, safe patient handling techniques and related policies.

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Preventing Back Injuries in Health Care Settings (Article)

This article describes outcomes before and after the implementation of safe patient handling programs.

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Strains, Sprains, and Pains in Home Healthcare: Working in an Uncontrolled Environment (Article)

This article outlines some of the challenges and potential solutions for providing care in a home setting.  There are also valuable links to other resources that may be of further relevance to the homecare as well as long term care settings.

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Patient Handling in Small Facilities: A Companion Guide to Handle (Guide)

This booklet is aimed at safe patient handling programs in small facilities and takes a comprehensive look at minimizing risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

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Assess Every Time (Video)

This video illustrates the value of client assessment prior to any moving and handling activity.

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Ceiling Lifts: Why Aren’t They Being Used? (Video)

This video illustrates the value of using ceiling lifts and disputes reasons why caregivers avoid using them.

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MSI Risk Assessment and Control for Client Handling (Guide)

This guide is aimed at minimizing risk for caregivers performing moving and handling activities during client care.  It also outlines some of the regulatory requirements related to client handling.

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Patient handling (all bulletins)

Quick reference guides for patient handling that may be helpful in all care settings.

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Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) (Topics)

Overview of safe patient handling and ergonomics, inclusive of additional links to other safe patient handling resources.

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The Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals

This is an association aimed toward like-minded professionals regarding safe patient handling.  There are additional relevant resources located on this site.

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Centre of Research Expertise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (Resource Links)

This site is a repository for international links to resources and associations related to safe patient handling and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

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Ergonomic Safe Patient Handling Program

This site looks at safe patient handling from an Occupational Health and Safety point of view.  There are also additional links to other helpful resources.

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Safe Patient Handling to Manage Skin Integrity   (Article)

Rehab and Community Care Magazine, Winter 2009 page 26.
This article helps make the connection between safe patient handling techniques and equipment as it relates to managing skin integrity.

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